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Australian Mortgage Options – AMO

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Australian Mortgage Options – AMO

AMO is an award winning home loans specialist. Our mortgage brokers have helped thousands of ordinary Australians to secure finance for their home or investment property since 1998. AMO is a leader in the home loans and mortgage industry, winning multiple awards from Money Magazine, Your Mortgage Magazine and Canstar. Book a free appointment with our mortgage brokers on 1300 266 266 Sydney wide, or for a telephone appointment today!

  • Future Proof Home Loan
    The Future Proof Home Loan give borrower’s peace of mind about their mortgage repayments by insulating you and your mortgage against future interest rate rises. The Reserve Bank of Australia constantly reviews and adjusts interest rates on a monthly basis, AMO's Future Proof Home Loan secures your finances against interest rate fluctuations. This amazing home loan solution allows borrowers who qualify to frequently switch between fixed or variable interest rate loans in order to pay the lowest rate. If your variable rate home loan were to rise above our standard fixed rate loan, you can simply opt to switch to a fixed rate loan. If it drops again, you can switch back to the lower variable rate. The Future Proof Home Loan is far superior to the traditional split loan, as up to 100% of your loan is always charged at the lower of the two rates. So protect yourself from fluctuating interest rates with the AMO Future Proof Home Loan.
  • Revolution Home Loan
    An AMO Revolution Home Loan gives you a 100% offset account on either a fixed or variable rate home loan - with no nasty surprises or restrictions. By directing all of your salary and savings into your offset account, you can save thousands of dollars on interest repayments. Most other lenders only offer an offset account with a variable rate loan.Not only will the 100% offset account reduce the interest on your mortgage, it allows you to reduce the overall term and duration of your repayments. Put simply, the amount of money in your offset account is the portion of your home loan that is not being charged interest. With the AMO Revolution Home Loan we can show you how to reduce the term of your loan and stop you from making unnecessary interest repayments. Take control of your finances call 1300 266 266 or book an appointment to speak to our mortgage brokers.
  • Fixed Rate Home Loan
    As the old saying goes, apart from death and taxes, the only other sure thing that's inevitable in life is that interest rates will rise. It is little wonder then that many people are opting for a fixed rate home loan. AMO's Fixed rate home loans offers the benefits of a variable rate loan, but with the peace of mind of knowing exactly what your repayments will be at the end of each month.
  • Offset Home Loan
    AMO's 100% Offset Account gives you the flexibility to link your home or investment account into a transaction account. If you direct your savings and wages into this account, the daily interest charged is offset or reduced accordingly.
    Make a free appointment with our mortgage brokers today and reduce the interest and the term of your loan with an AMO offset account
  • Construction Loans
    AMO's Construction Loan is the complete solution for any worthwhile projects, including the construction of new buildings, development work or additional home renovations. Our loan allows you to carry out your work and progressively draw-down on your loan.
  • Prestige Home Loan
    An AMO Prestige Home Loan gives you a 100% offset account on either a fixed or variable rate home loan without any surprises or restrictions. Most other lenders only offer an offset account with a variable rate loan. The 100% offset account allows you to reduce the term and the amount of interest paid on your loan. By depositing your savings and directing your salary into the Prestige Home Loan, you lower the daily interest repayments. Over time, the balance in your offset account can actually lower your repayments and it will eventually help to reduce the duration of your loan. Take control of your finances and stop paying too much interest with the Prestige Home Loan.
  • Self-Employed Loans
    Considering starting a new business or looking to improve it? If so, AMO can lend a helping hand. We will help you select the right home loan to suit your needs, providing you with the flexibility and effectiveness of managing your Self Employed Loan.


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